The native will look charming with beautiful eyes.


Also, there is Venus-Rahu Conjunction in the D9 chart of your horoscope. The native will look charming with beautiful eyes.

Rahu&39;s aspect on 7th or its lord; 3.


Your 10th house is Aries, 10th Lord is Mars. . Navamsa consists of 2 words Nav meaning 9 and Amsa meaning division.

Saturn in scorpio(5th house) goes to aquarius(5th).

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religion. Mars in its own sign in the house of gains (11th house) or in the 7th, casting its aspect on the lagna while occupying an unfriendly but a benefic navamsa can make one an unforgiving undisputed undefeated despot.

Mars in the 6th House Love As Per Vedic Astrology.

(4) If Saturn and Mars together aspect navamsa lagna or are posited therein or 7th lord from navamsa lagna is aspected by Saturn and Mars, then, trouble is indicated.

. Jun 7, 2020 Atmakarak planet in different houses in navamsha.

It shows the native wants to attain the highest success in life. So Mars in the 7th house of D9 chart Can Make your Spouse Rigid and Inflexible too.




. The Navamsa Chart is also called the "Fortune Chart", for it is the hidden force and on its strength or weakness depends how ones destiny unfolds; it gives the measure of destiny. This mangal rahu yuti in lagna kundali.

search. But they will lack the sexual tension in their life. . A persons romantic partner will be older and smarter than him. . We need to check the planets placed in the 7 th house of Navamsa.


. This is the chart that tells us about the inner strength of the planet.



These natives have pleasant personalities and gain a lot of popularity because of their friendly and charming attitude.

Eleventh house of navamsa shows gain, hopes and fulfillment of desires after marriage.

At the same time, following marriage, they enjoy higher promotions and career possibilities.